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Poltava Literary Memorial Museum of Volodymyr Korolenko is one of the oldest museums of literary and memorial profile. It was created in 1928 in the house where the writer lived the last 18 years of his life (1903-1921). Now it is Korolenko Street, 1. Volodymyr Korolenko's daughter, Sofia Volodymyrivna, mentioned the history of the creation of this museum institution: “After father's death, people did not forget him. Here, in his apartment, residents of Poltava and guests of our city constantly came to see the apartment where he lived and where much has survived as it was with him. Our family was happy to open the doors of the house for those who came. " The writer's family carefully guarded the house and memorials. Its founder and first director (until 1957) was the eldest daughter of the writer Sofia Korolenko.

Currently, the museum complex includes: a house-museum (memorial part), an outbuilding (exhibition halls, literary exposition), a garden, a monument to the writer (sculptor - O. Chernytskyi, architect - E. Shyrai), which was installed in 2006, and also the grave of Volodymyr Korolenko and his wife. The museum has collected more than 10 thousand exhibits. These are photos, books, letters, diaries of the writer, newspapers from the personal library of V. Korolenko, works of fine art, memorial items.

The museum staff preserves the spirit and grandeur of V. Korolenko's house. The traditions of his house have been revived: guests are treated to traditional family tea brewed on 20 herbs, literary and artistic evenings, New Year's children's holidays "Near the Korolenko's Christmas tree" and others.

The writer's estate and his grave were entered in 1921 in the State Register of Immovable Monuments of Ukraine as a monument of national importance.


In different years, the guests of the cozy Korolenko house were Ivan Tobilevych, Panas Myrnyi, Mykhailo Kotsiubynskyi, Valentyn Kataiev, Ivan Kozlovskyi.


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